3 gedachten over “Muslim girl

  1. Kristen Harrison zegt:

    Hi – I’ve shortlisted this image for use in our forthcoming report on minority and indigenous people. Could you get in touch about the rights to reproduce it from the hi res? It is not a commercial project – it is non profit but it would be used in a book and made available online.


  2. Kate Nic Dhomhnaill zegt:

    Hi Alex,

    I am getting in contact today about getting permission to use this photo for an upcoming report on minorities of the world run by Minority Rights Group. I think you may have already been discussing this with my colleague Kristen. Is it possible get a quote for this photo? We will then send on the release form for the hi res file once the quote is agreed on.



    1. admin zegt:

      oh Hello Kate,

      I am sorry I just see this message well over a 6 months ago.
      I havent been checking my website due to being busy.

      If it is still needed we can maybe arrange something


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