Smiling Beijing guy


Smiling local beijing guy at the Dazhalan:

Dazhalan (simplified Chinese: 大栅栏; traditional Chinese: 大柵欄; pinyinDàzhàlánWade–Giles: Ta-cha-lan; “Big fence”), colloquially Dashilar simplified Chinese: 大石栏儿; traditional Chinese: 大石欄兒; pinyinDàshilàn(r)Wade–Giles: Ta-shih-lan(r); “Big stone fence”), is a famous business street outside Qianmen[1] in Beijing, China. Now the term Dazhalan is also used to refer to the area comprising besides Dazhalan also the Langfang Toutiao Lane, Liangshidian Street and Meishi Street.

(Source: Wikipedia)


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