New stuff soon

It has been a while since I posted pictures but new content will come after my trip to the Pamirs.

On the 31st of May I will travel towards Instanbul to get my flight to the city of Osh. Osh is the 2nd city of Kyrgyzstan and I will stay here for a few days before Im heading to Tadzjikistan. Its never a punishment to stay with the Kyrgyz. These people are the friendliest I have ever met.

After my stay in Osh I will head towards the Tajik border and the cities/area’s of Khojand, Penjkent, Iskanderkul and Saritag.

Followed by a stop in the capital Dushanbe I will go towards the Pamir mountain range: I will visit places like Khorog and Ishakshim near the Wakhan Corridor (Afghanistan) and later on the northern Pamir ranges at Bulunkul, Murgab and Karakul.

Wish me luck !


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  1. Nataliya Tiffany zegt:

    Seems u like Central Asia a lot ya? Have ever plan to visit SouthEast Asia? Or maybe the Colonized country by Dutch ?


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